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We have a long history of happy consumers as one of the UAE's leading used luxury vehicle purchasers. We are a Dubai-based company that specializes in new and used automobiles. Selling an automobile used to be a time-consuming and dangerous procedure. Customers were unsure of the true worth of their vehicles, had to schedule too many appointments with time wasters, and risked being ripped off. In our company, when appraising your automobile and offering you cash for your old car, we have a history of providing outstanding customer service and more than fair offers. We also trade, export and import all types of cars from Canada, US and Germany.

Our company is built on volume; we acquire a couple of automobiles each month. This enables us to provide you with an outstanding price for your used automobile based on our extensive understanding of the used car market. We also save you time by using modern technology and secure data streams to swiftly determine your car's fair market value. Our automobile values are fair and open, and they are based on a variety of factors.

About Us

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Al Faris Auto Trading focus on providing the best cars available.

Al Faris Auto Trading became one of the leading hub for luxury used cars for the customers.